The International Research Area on Foundations of the Sciences


Euclid and his students
Euclid, who is explaining to his students a geometric diagram he has drawn on a slate, and on the right, an astronomer (Zoroaster) and a cosmologist (Ptolemy, with the crown). Click for enlarging.

IRAFS III (2014- )

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"From Foundations to Applications"

In the present Third Edition of the IRAFS, we think not only at continuing along the direction of the first two previous editions expressed in the Foundation Document, but also at integratim them along the lines, emerging as prevailing in the worldwide scientific and technological, but also philosophical research, during these last years.

Such lines move according to two further directions that are like as many branches of the original ones, always devoted to promote an ever more fruitful, effective and wider dialogue:

  1. A special attention for the practical consequences - anthropological, environmental, ethical, legal, social, economical, ... - , directly depending on the foundational research that remains the research object of the Area activities.
  2. A special attention for the dissemination of the contents of our research and applied work that, precisely for its theoretical and practical relevance, requires our maximum effort.